Chamber 3


  • Ideal for testing ball valves, actuators and control pods
  • Receive an electronic report of all test data
  • Includes electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and data connections to allow communication with products throughout testing; we are also able to machine bespoke penetrations to meet customer requirements
  • Available for 24/7 independent or assisted hire
  • Installed with pan and tilt subsea cameras for live video feedback
  • 50 tonne overhead crane to safely support the transfer of equipment into the chamber
  • Roller doors to allow easy access into the facility with large or high volume products for testing
  • Horizontal orientation

Chamber specifications

Currently in operation

  • Internal diameter0.9m
  • Internal length3.50m
  • Water depth1,500m
  • Maximum Pressure150 bar/2,175 PSI
  • Working TemperatureAmbient
  • StatusOperational


Number: 5 | Size: Ø2.00" | Size: Ø51mm
Number: 1 | Size: Ø10.12" | Size: Ø257mm
Number: 1 | Size: Ø12.00" | Size: Ø304mm



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