Our pressure testing facilities

Our bespoke multi-million pound pressure testing facilities have been developed to accommodate an industry need for a range of readily available pressure testing equipment and expert hyperbaric services in the UK. The 3,600 square metre facility, based in the North East of England, is located close to all major transportation routes; providing easy global access to the facility.

Tyne Subsea’s purpose-built facility operates nine hyperbaric test chambers, and three test bays: two dedicated to environmental testing and one conventional pressure testing bay. These are available for independent hire, or can be hired as part of a fully project-managed service which utilises the expertise of our technicians with over 20 years of experience in both hyperbaric testing and pressure testing.

Facility capabilities

The facility’s overhead crane can lift up to 50 tonnes, with a hook height of 8.18m. Our large roller doors provide easy access into the facility when testing large components or assemblies in our biggest chamber, which is one of the largest commercially available hyperbaric chambers in Europe.

Client facilities

Our clients travel across the globe to utilise our pressure testing services and facilities. That’s why we offer conferencing facilities, breakout rooms and client offices with free Wi-Fi to those who require the use of our testing facilities for any length of time. Onsite storage can also be arranged.

Get in touch

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