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Chamber One

Diameter: 0.87mLength: 3.0mDepth: 3,000m

Deep water chamber rated to 300 bar

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Chamber Two

Diameter: 1.40mLength: 3.00mDepth: 1,000m

Large diameter chamber rated to 100 bar

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Chamber Three

Diameter: 0.9mLength: 3.50mDepth: 1,500m

3.5m length chamber with multiple connectivity

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Chamber Four

Diameter: 0.49mLength: 0.80mDepth: 3,000m

Small chamber for quick turn-around, smaller component testing

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Chamber Five

Diameter: 2.50mLength: 4.50mDepth: 4,500m

Large capacity chamber to accommodate over 30 tonnes

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Chamber Six

Diameter: 1.10mLength: 6.75mDepth: 6.000m

Deep water research chamber rated to 600 bar

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