National Centre for Subsea and Offshore Engineering

As one of the leading research universities in the UK we have strong and well-established links with industry partners. This research facility will complement our existing research and development capabilities, allowing us to continue developing world-first technology from the North East of England.

The National Centre for Subsea and Offshore Engineering is a carefully selected addition to Newcastle University’s portfolio to support the North East’s established subsea engineering expertise.

The Centre includes a Research Hyperbaric Chamber which is principally used for long-term research programs, for knowledge exchange by companies and also in collaboration with other Universities. Spare capacity, if available, can be used for more short-term projects. So, as with all our research facilities, we welcome enquiries from all potential users for academic study, research or skills development.

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Some of the detail...

Research Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Currently in operation

  • Internal diameter


  • Internal length


  • Equivalent depth


Underwater research also draws on an understanding of materials and operational behaviour under variable environmental conditions. That’s why we’ve also invested in our own in house environmental test chamber which allows for testing of extremes of temperature, saline conditions and for the preparation of test specimens.

We can also support testing for corrosive environments, beyond or in combination with saline environments – active chemicals like H2S, CO2 can cause irreparable damage to underwater components so research into new materials, coatings and stabilisers creates significant development opportunities.

As you would expect, our facility houses more than just our chambers. The dedicated university research and development offices, training rooms, conference rooms and visitor facilities such as break out rooms and a canteen ensure we’ve got the right environment for extensive research.

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