Research facility

Housing a large, 6.75m hyperbaric  chamber, rated to 600 bar, the research facility was completed in 2016. At a purpose built site on Benton way, Newcastle-upon-Tyne the research facility provides hyperbaric and environmental testing along with access to extensive research opportunities through the Newcastle University faculties.

The site was launched in June with a visit from the Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry where he met with the region’s leading subsea experts from academia and industry to hear how the centre will help drive up skills and develop the innovations needed to fuel growth.

During the visit the Minister also met the team of scientists and engineers who are in the running for a $7m prize to design an underwater robot that can map the ocean floor. Team Tao has reached the semi-final of the shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, a competition to create tools for unmanned underwater exploration.

Environmental test chamber

Underwater research draws on an understanding of materials and operational behaviour under variable environmental conditions. That’s why we’ve also invested in our own in house environmental test chamber which allows for testing of extremes of temperature, saline conditions and for the preparation of test specimens.

We can also support testing for corrosive environments, beyond or in combination with saline environments – active chemicals like H2S and CO2 can cause irreparable damage to underwater components so research into new materials, coatings and stabilisers creates significant development opportunities.



Our chambers

Chamber Six

Deep water research to 6,000m water depth