Hyperbaric testing facility

Hyperbaric testing is the only way to verify the reliability of equipment at depths, subsea. That’s why the utilisation of high integrity pressure vessels to simulate water depths to 4,500m is now crucial to provide accurate, reliable and bespoke testing for subsea equipment.

Multi-chamber provision

Having been a direct use of hyperbaric facilities, we know that the process can be time consuming and costly. This is why we’ve invested in new facilities to make these services more accessible to the subsea community, offering the right service solution at the right time for each application. To reduce ‘waiting time’ we have invested in 5 chambers (6 if you include our research chamber) providing choice for the user. We are therefore able to offer different service options, sizes of chamber and pressure ratings within one facility.

Offering help, support and advice

Drawing on knowledge and skills developed over 20 years of subsea testing our technicians are available to help you complete the testing you need accurately, to budget and to your schedule. The facility is available 7 days, 24 hours a day when required.

Hire rates are based on half, full day or longer periods as required.


Process control

Manual intervention is limited through automated pressure sequenced programmes and remote surveillance. Test and control data is captured and stored to ensure all variables are monitored and analysed. Comprehensive reports can then be created quickly by using programmable test profiles.

All our chambers are designed to industry standards ensuring inherently safe operation and shock load rated to ensure that any catastrophic failure of a test specimen does not affect the integrity of the chambers.


Capacity and capabilities

Each chamber provides options for connectivity to test piece. This provides monitoring and control as well as communication media. We also have optional blank ‘plug’ connections to allow for customers to machine unusual connection options themselves. Chamber 5 has the capability to reflect subsea temperature conditions from ambient to – 2 degrees C.  Assemblies up to xxx tonnes can be handled by the facility.


Our chambers

Chamber One

First of the 3,000m water depth chambers

Chamber Two

Large diameter chamber

Chamber Three

3.5m length chamber

Chamber Four

Second of the 3,000m water depth chambers

Chamber Five

Large capacity, deep water chamber