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The hub for hyperbaric research, test and certification.

Two distinct, but mutually supporting hyperbaric services.


How we do it

These two distinct, but mutually supporting hyperbaric services provide six hyperbaric chambers ranging in length, internal diameter and pressure rating to cover a broad spectrum of customer testing, certification and research requirements.

Hyperbaric Research

The first facility, designated a National centre by UK government is dedicated to research, drawing on the University’s expertise across faculties from geosciences and evolutionary biology, to engineering and sustainability.

Hyperbaric Test and Certification

The second centre is commercially focussed, delivering hyperbaric test and certification services backed by 20 years’ experience gained from valve testing at BEL Valves.

Benefits at a glance

Six Hyperbaric Chambers

Six chambers and multi-level service deliver the right support when you need it. This unique combination of chambers provides capacity and availability to keep waiting times to a minimum. Parallel running of related tests can also be provided either at the same or variable pressures.

A unique combination of research and industrial expertise

The two-way partnership between industry and one of the leading research Universities facilitates greater knowledge sharing, drives skills development and creates greater opportunities for commercialisation.

Deep water and large capacity chambers

The largest chamber is 2.5m in diameter and 4.5m in length, rated to simulate water pressure to 4,500m water depth equivalent. For higher pressures/deeper water there is a 600 bar rated chamber to provide testing to an equivalent of 6,000m water depth.

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What our customers say

"Having a facility ‘on the doorstep’ is of significant benefit to us, logistically, but equally the capacity offered by multiple chambers means that projects can be accommodated when needed. The benefits, of course, are reduction in project timeframe and increased efficiency...."

Danny Harrison, Test Manager, BEL Valves


of the earth's surface is covered by water with an average water depth of around 3,600m.

So we know that a significant amount of our global resources are deep underwater. Recognising this, industries are finding ways to safely and reliably operate in these environments.

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Mitigating operational risk subsea and helping to solve the engineering problems of the future. Our hyperbaric research, test and certification service supports a diverse set of industries:

  • Subsea developers

    Developments like all electric, subsea systems need safe and reliable product, tested and qualified to industry standards to ensure no harm to people or the environment. We have extensive experience in testing subsea valves, actuators and other subsea components to guide and support your test requirements from start to finish.

  • Sustainable energy providers

    The renewable arena is another vital part of our energy mix. Having significant experience in subsea, marine and offshore enables us to support, advise and translate and apply learnings to some of these newer technologies including tidal, wind and hydro electrics.

  • Our security forces

    Research and testing in this area is of course crucial for safety and security. With the provision of multiple connection points to the chambers test piece can be operated and monitored and key data captured live on performance.

  • Geosciences and evolutionary biology

    Earth sciences meeting biological, chemical and physical sciences creates significant and exciting research and development opportunities. We support long and short term research projects, academic study and skills development linking with industry to aid advancement.

  • Research

    Research has already taken us into new and exciting technology possibilities. We provide short and long term research opportunities to academia, industry and Government bodies.

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