Northern England's hub for hyperbaric research, test and certification.

Two distinct, but mutually supporting hyperbaric services.


What are we providing?

Firstly we are here to aid in removing some of the inherent risk involved in deploying and operating equipment subsea by testing it to the limit ensuring they are qualified ‘fit for purpose’. 

And secondly we are solving the subsea engineering problems of the future through focussed research and knowledge transfer partnerships.

This unique combination of research, test and qualification is driven by more than 20 years of hyperbaric test experience from BEL Valves and Newcastle University, one of the UK’s leading research universities.

Hyperbaric Testing Facilities Newcastle University Research Facility

Mitigating risk and solving problems – who is benefiting?


of the earth’s surface is covered by water with an average water depth of around 3,600m.

So we know that a significant amount of our global resources are deep underwater. Recognising this, industries are finding ways to safely and reliably operate in these environments.

Subsea Developers

Developments like subsea processing of our hydrocarbons demand safe and reliable product, tested and qualified to industry standards to ensure no harm to people or the environment.

Our Security Forces

Applications in support of defence must have gone through thorough testing and approvals before going into service.  And of course research in this area is crucial for safety and security.

Subsea Sustainable

Sustainable Energy Providers

The renewable arena is another vital part of our energy mix and translating subsea, marine and offshore skills in support of tidal, wind and hydro electrics is how we can add value.

Subsea Investors


Modern materials research and understanding their properties under deepwater operating conditions help to move forward improvements in terms of cost saving, superior performance and increased resistance to harsh environments. Supporting these pioneering projects is central to our research philosophy.

So how do I find out more?

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